Teach Yourself Hausa. Teach Yourself Hausa.
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Hausa Alphabet learn all the alphabet Counting of Numbers Hausa numbers counting Different Type Of Greetings Ways to greet in hausa Asking about Members of the Family About family members Reception How is the party? Farewell Good bye Making Inquiry And Request with why? what? which? who? where? how? In The Dining funiture room dining table Different Nouns: To animals, farm, body, house, school & relations. Pronouns Personal and Possessive personal pronouns & possessive! Days Months Years Months of the year, years, Days of the week Hausa Verbs Nothing but verb Telling Of Time what time is it? Simple Sentences and Market Situation market conversations Hausa Proverbs and Sayings Proverbs Fassara - Translation In Hausa has translations. Hausa Food Abincin hausawa means food in hausa. Restaurant Situation (Katin)(Gurin abincin)(Gurin sarda abincin) Restaurant in hausa. Garuruwa Hausa Bakwai - Seven Legitimate Hausa States The main seven legitimate hausa states. Banza Bakwai - Seven illegitimate Hausa States The main seven illegitimate hausa states. Translation of Words - Fasssarar Kalmomi Translation of words in hausa. Hausa Vowels & Consonnants (Bakake da Wasullan Hausa) Vowels and Consonnants in hausa. Names of Animals in Hausa (Suanyen dabbobi) hausa animal names Name of Places in Hausa (Suanyen wurare) hausa place names Names of Things in Hausa (Suanyen abubuwa) hausa things name The Hausa Language dictionary translation. Hausa Language Phrases Teach Yourself Russian About teach yourself series Teach Yourself Guitar Teach yourself to play guitar Yourself Online Learning online Teach Yourself Spanish Learning spanish Teach Yourself Math Learning mathematics Teach Yourself Piano Learn toplay piano About BBC Hausa (www bbc hausa com) hausa bbc.com VOA Hausa (www voa hausa com) rfi hausa sashin dw radio Hausa Music or Hausa Songs nigerian musicians singing Hausa Films jinin jikina magazine Hausa Movies watch hausa movies Radio Nigeria Hausa hausa radio www.BBC Hausa Yadda muke gabatar da shirye-shiryen Sashen Hausa na BBC Not all photos from bbc hausa this will touch your heart if you're a humam being Rariya hausa the making of rariya labarai|labaran Aljazeera Hausa Labarai/Labaran duniya al jazeera Auren Biya Marriage payments - credit or debit cards DW Hausa Deutsche Welle RFI Hausa Radio France International Hausa Location in Nigeria nigeria hausa igbo yoruba Hausa Pronunciation Pronounce hausa Contact Us what do you think? Useful Links other sites Link to Us please help us! Contactless Payment Cards Paying with contactless card Things to do in London TfL transport for london AI Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Future of ai Top Christmas Toys Boys and girls must-have top christmas gifts ideas. Enounce MySpeed Review Speed Up Video to Save Time - Slow down video to learn THE BIGGEST Digital Product Reviews The Good Review, Who is she?

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Personal Pronoun Possessive


First Person Singular

 I, me  Ni
 It's me  Ni ne
 I will Come  Zan Zo

Second Person Singular

 You  Kai
 You! Come Here  Kai! Zo nam
 Where are You going?  Ina Za ka je?
 Is it you?  Kai ne?
 She is not here  Bata anan

First Person Plural

 We/Us  Mu
 It's not us  Ba mu ba
 We are coming  Mu na Zuwa

Second Person Plural

 You  Ku
 You! Come  Ku! Zo
 Where are You?  Ina ku ke?
 I can't hear you  Ba na jin ku

Third Person Singular

 He/She/It/Her/Him  Shi/Ke/Shi Ita
 He is Coming  Yana Zuwa
 She is Coming  Tana Zuwa

Third Person Plural

 They/Them  Su
 They are Coming  Suna Zuwa
 They are laughing  Suna dariya

Possessive Pronouns

 Mine  Nawa
 It is mine  Nawa ne
 Mine is good  Nawa na da kyau
 Mine is bad  Nawa ba kyau
 Is it mine?  Nawa ne?
 His  Nashi
 His is here  Nashi na nan
 Where is his own?  Ina nashi?
 His own has finished  Nash ya kare
 Hers  Nata
 Hers is good  Nata na da kyau
 It is not hers  Ba nata ba
 I will like hers  Zan so nata
 Ours  Namu
 Ours is here  Namu na nan
 Ours wa fast  Namu ya yi sauri
 Your  Naku
 Yours is not here  Ba naku anan
 Is it yours?  Naku ne?
 It is not yours?  Ba naku ba
 Theirs  Nasu
 It is their  Nasu ne
 It is not theirs  Ba nasu ba
 The book is not theirs  Takardan ba nasuba