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Table Of Contents

Hausa Alphabet learn all the alphabet
Counting of Numbers Hausa numbers counting
Different Type Of Greetings Ways to greet in hausa
Asking about Members of the Family About family members
Reception How is the party?
Farewell Good bye
Making Inquiry And Request with why? what? which? who? where? how?
In The Dining funiture room dining table
Different Nouns: To animals, farm, body, house, school & relations.
Pronouns Personal and Possessive personal pronouns & possessive!
Days Months Years Months of the year, years, Days of the week
Hausa Verbs Nothing but verb
Telling Of Time what time is it?
Simple Sentences and Market Situation market conversations
Hausa Proverbs and Sayings Proverbs
Fassara - Translation In Hausa has translations.
Hausa Food Abincin hausawa means food in hausa.
Restaurant Situation (Katin)(Gurin abincin)(Gurin sarda abincin) Restaurant in hausa.
Garuruwa Hausa Bakwai - Seven Legitimate Hausa States The main seven legitimate hausa states.
Banza Bakwai - Seven illegitimate Hausa States The main seven illegitimate hausa states.
Translation of Words - Fasssarar Kalmomi Translation of words in hausa.
Hausa Vowels & Consonnants (Bakake da Wasullan Hausa) Vowels and Consonnants in hausa.
Names of Animals in Hausa (Suanyen dabbobi) hausa animal names
Name of Places in Hausa (Suanyen wurare) hausa place names
Names of Things in Hausa (Suanyen abubuwa) hausa things name
The Hausa Language dictionary translation.
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Radio Nigeria Hausa hausa radio
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Hausa Location in Nigeria nigeria hausa igbo yoruba
Hausa Pronunciation Pronounce hausa
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Counting Of Numbers - Ordinal & Cardinal

 Zero  Sifili
 One  Daya
 Two  Biyu
 Three  Uku
 Four  Hudu
 Five  Biyar
 Six  Shidda
 Seven  Bakwai
 Eight  Takwas
 Nine  Tara
 Ten  Goma
 Eleven  Goma Sha Daya
 Twelve  Goma Sha Biyu
 Thirteen  Goma Sha Uku
 Fourteen  Goma Sha Hudu
 Fifteen  Goma Sha Biyar
 Sixteen  Goma Sha Shidda
 Seventeen  Goma Sha Bakwai
 Eighteen  Goma Sha Takwas
 Nineteen  Goma Sha Tara
 Tweenty  Ashirin
 21  Ashirin da Daya
 22  Ashirin da Biyu
 23  Ashirin da Uku
 24  Ashirin da Hudu
 25  Ashirin da Biyar
 26  Ashirin da Shidda
 27  Ashirin da Bakwai
 28  Ashirin da Takwas
 29  Ashirin da Tara
 30  Talatin
 31  Talatin da Daya
 32  Talatin da Biyu
 33  Talatin da Uku
 34  Talatin da Hudu
 35  Talatin da Biyar
 36  Talatin da Shidda
 37  Talatin da Bakwai
 38  Talatin da Takwas
 39  Talatin da Tara
 40  Arbain
 41  Arbain da Daya
 42  Arbain da Biyu
 43  Arbain da Uku
 44  Arbain da Hudu
 45  Arbain da Biyar
 46  Arbain da Shidda
 47  Arbain da Bakwai
 48  Arbain da Takwas
 49  Arbain da Tara
 50  Hamsin
 51  Hamsin da Daya
 60  Sittin
 70  Sabain
 80  Tamanin
 90  Tasani
 100  Dari
 200  Dari Biyu
 300  Dari Uku
 400  Dari Hudu
 500  Dari Biyar
 600  Dari Shidda
 700  Dari Bakwai
 800  Dari Takwas
 900  Dari Tara
 1000  Dubu
 1001  Dubu daya da daya

Essential Words and Phrases for Absolute Beginners
Essential Words and Phrases for Absolute Beginners!

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Teach Yourself Hausa - A Complete Course For Beginners

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